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Starcounts and Light Pollution surveys

You can measure how dark your sky is by counting the number of star that are visible within a particular constellation; or by using a special light meter. This can be a good school or community activity. Here are some schemes to help you do this.

Option Target When Comments

Starcount Week, run by CfDS/CPRE

Orion Late January Orion is a well-known constellation. This is a UK scheme which takes place during our long winter nights.
Worldwide Starcount Cygnus October Cynus is a trickier constellation to find.
Globe at Night Orion January to April Orion is a well-known constellation. This is a US scheme which takes place partly during British Summer Time.
Sky Quality Meter
You can send your results to:
Whole Sky New Moon You can carry out these surveys whenever the Moon is not in the night sky.