GMOS Perfect Spiral


Name of site Kielder Observatory
Class Milky Way
SQM Reading NA
Website for the site
Description of site Darkest site in Europe that has an observatory. Four telescopes, classroom for events and deck for free public observing.
Nominating organisation Kielder Observatory
Directions NY 60932 593267 Approach Bellingham on Northbound B6320. Turn left before Bellingham towards Kielder Village. Turn left at signs to Kielder Observatory/Skyspace.
Safety notes Fully risk-assessed and already in public use. Stairs which are labelled with glow-in-the-dark stickers. Reasonable caution needed if public uses site in the dark when building not open for event.
Access Yes, if events on. If no event on: carpark with 45 minute walk to Observatory deck or key available from KielderVillage to enable drive up.
Wheelchair users Fully accessible to wheelchair users.
Events Yes, see Observatory Events calendar at